I received a letter last evening, which you will find attached. It was waiting for me in the post when I arrived home from work. The letter came in an unassuming manila envelope, addressed specifically to me at my current address.

This letter, dated May 8th, was a legal communication from Mills & Costa, an Estate and Tax law firm in Ontario. I was suspicious at first, but after a brief investigation, I was able to determine their legitimacy.

The letter went on to inform me of the passing of my Great Uncle Sherman, whom I have been out of touch with since I was a young boy. I remember him at various family functions. He was the kind of man that a boy could idolize and look up to, in that part of the young mind that fancies adventure and half-planned excursions into jungles, and parts unknown. I remember thinking about him the first time I saw Indiana Jones. He was that kind of person. He even had the degree in Archaeology.  He wasn’t flashy, but he told the greatest stories! The last time I remember hearing about him, he was headed off to pursue a theory in Virginia. It was a long time ago, but this letter brought back the memory.

It seems that Uncle Sherman, or Sherm as everyone in the family called him, has left me something of his estate. I have no idea what it might be. The only real information I have in that regard thus far is that they are currently compiling “correspondence” for me. We shall see what that means.

Enclosed in the letter was a newspaper clipping, which I am also attaching. It seems to corroborate my last known memory of Uncle Sherm. Whatever he found in Virginia must have made some kind of impression, having been sent to the Smithsonian for examination.

I have no idea what may unfold here, but I’ll keep you posted…




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