I looked through some of my older photographs and managed to find a picture of my Great Uncle Sherm. He was considerably younger in this picture than when I knew him. At that time he was old, yet vital. You get a sense, just looking at him though, that he was an interesting man.

I have spoken with a paralegal at Mills & Costa. She contacted me simply to confirm that my letter had been received and to verify some personal information. I expect that very soon I’ll be receiving more documentation relating to Uncle Sherm’s discovery. Processing has been difficult, apparently, which leads me to believe that this is an extraordinary situation. She was not at liberty to disclose more over the phone, but I expect that she did not exactly know the nature of his discovery at any rate. So, thus far I am still somewhat in the dark.  I have to admit that initially I was ambivalent. I expected I’d end up with papers and junk. But now, after further contact, I’m not so sure this will be a run of the mill estate distribution. We’ll see…


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