I have received another packet from Mills and Costa, this one being far more informative than the last, not to mention the phone conversation. The thing with Uncle Sherman was that as fascinating as he was, there was always this kind of unspoken understanding that he was a little bit crazy. Theories, ideas, and plans that he came up with were kind of indulged. I think I was the only one who tended to take him seriously.

If these letters I received are real, and this isn’t some kind of elaborate prank, then there may be more to Uncle Sherm than anyone ever anticipated. At least, there is now.

I expected to receive journals, or notes, or something ordinary. What came in the mail a few days ago, had me perplexed, and I am still not certain of what I have before me.

I do not wish to inundate you with a lot of photos, but let me at least give an idea of what I received. Pictured below, the bundle of documents:


As I began to parse the stack of papers before me, I realized that this was not actually a series of letters. It appeared to be one letter stretched across many miscellaneous scraps. It’s not the most coherent message, but I think I have the idea. I hesitate to speculate too far beyond that which I know for certain, but the message on these random sheets, points to someone lost. But the question isn’t where. It’s when!

The writing is the same hand, but the message appears on the backs of postmarked papers ranging from 1942 all the way up to 2008. It appears that the writer was rushed, seeming to grab desperately for any means to write down their missive, and then place them in the post without address. Just a hopeful plea that they reach their intended destination. The destination seems to be me. Or at least it is now.

The message alludes to an experiment gone wrong, to an artifact of unknown power, and and an element that makes travel through time a possibility. My knee jerk reaction is, of course, skepticism and outright disbelief…but what if?

I can’t say more, not yet, save this:

It seems that I am a crucial link in a deep mystery that transcends my previous expectations. I don’t know what my role may yet be, but something important is about to happen. Stay tuned!


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